1. Implement effective and efficient admission and registry systems and processes
  2. Admit and register students to the University, verify the academic documents with all relevant authority for originality, conduct orientation for all registered students.
  3. Ensure a well-functioning and up to date registry as well as developing and maintaining an effective and efficient student information system.
  4. Effectively communicate and responsibly apply academic policies and procedures, organize and implement University administrative policies and procedures and support the University’s goals and direction through adaptability and excellence. 
  5. Plan and conduct successful graduation ceremony.
  6. Safeguard the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of the University’s academic records.
  7. Network the university with relevant stakeholders in education for influence in decision making on quality education and maintain the relationship.
  8. The monitoring of examination and grading process.
  9. Publication and communication of semester course offerings and final examination schedules (dates).
  10. Enrollment and degree verification.
  11. Transcript processing